December 23, 2013   13 notes

Anonymous said: Can you rec any fluffy Sekai fics?

ah see, that’s kind of hard. because sekai are like 2 cool 4 u (which means 2 cool 4 gross fluffs ew) and most of the stories I’ve read are either angsty (like teenage bullshit “omg i totally want to make out with my best friend what 2 do ; - ;” kind of angst) or super angsty (like the kind of angsty where death ok tears and death) or they have super raunchy sex. but uhm… these ones are kind of a little bit fluffy???

and I know I recommended some/most/all of these before but what can you do haha……….

December 3, 2013   10 notes

Anonymous said: Hey do you have any Sekai fics that they start off as friends and leads to something more?

most (if not all) of the ones I’ve suggested here are like that. other than that, there’s also:

and those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head. there are probably a lot more because, like I said, awkward teenage best friends sekai who suddenly realize they like like each other is pretty great.

December 1, 2013   31 notes

Anonymous said: Hey can you rec any fics with Sekai in highschool!au or college!au? Thanks!

there are a LOT of stories with sekai in high school or college (because lbr sekai as awkward angsty teenage best friends who realize they’re in love with each other and are all confused because feels is pretty much the best thing ever). but here are a few to choose from:

and in this they’re in school, but they’re not IN school (does that even make sense??? OTL oh well, kind of a special mention, I guess, because I’ve read it literally twenty times and I’m still not sick of it):

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pairing: sehun/jongin.
word count: 400.
rating: g? pg?
a/n: this was supposed to be something more than it is. it’s never going to be, though (somewhat related to this, but can be read on its own).

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