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Anonymous asked: 언니 what are your top 10 favorite nc-17 so raunchy a porn star would blush fics? Any group any pairing.

wow, top 10??? I don’t think I can do that, it took me a really long time to even think of one. OTL here are a couple. they’re probably not raunchy enough to make a porn star blush, but they’re all that I have:

April 13, 2014

Anonymous asked: Do you have sekai fics with jealous kai? Thank you!

hmm, I can’t think of any off the top of my head… unless you count, you know, "cock envy", which I’m pretty sure I’ve recommended about 37265 times by now (I just really love that story).

April 12, 2014

Anonymous asked: just so you know, sova boys is back up~ ahhhh go read it now!!!

I know, I know. ;; it’s been up for a while now and I was so happy when I was told that it’s back up.

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Anonymous asked: Do you have any sekai fics where they're roommate? thank you, love your blog xoxo

thank you for the love~ ;;

my favorite sekai-as-roommates-fics are "caution tape romance" and "cock envy". there are more, but these are my absolute favoritesssss

April 8, 2014

inspirshawol asked: Unnie can you recommend some xuihan fics? Thank you ^_^

all of these. :3 I have a few coming up in my queue as well.

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Anonymous asked: Can you rec some Sebaek/Baekhun fics?

hmmm, I feel like I did this before, but I can’t find it… oh well!

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Anonymous asked: bah can i just... it makes me kind of sad to see sendandreceive is "done being a dick" and then apologizing. i dont think she did anything wrong? now im wondering why she made everything public again :///

yeah, I was thinking the same thing, actually. she shouldn’t have to apologize for any decisions she makes regarding her work.

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April 1, 2014

Anonymous asked: I feel the feels of sova boys. It was one of the best chaptered fics I have ever read. ;n; So sad the author made it private, *shrugs* oh well :/

it is sad, but I know she has her reasons for doing so, so we just have to accept that (even though it’s hard). :c

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Anonymous asked: ahhh i dont know if you will even want to answer this but ive seen you reply to some similar asks before so i thought id try... can you explain what sova boys was/why it was so popular for being such... minor pairings? i keep seeing tlist crying about it and i cant understand why x__x

oh, don’t worry. I’ll answer pretty much all questions you guys fling at me.

sova boys was (and still is) a fantastic story, in my opinion. the characters were amazing, the plot was amazing, the au was amazing, the writing was amazing, it was all amazing. it has sent my heart through a rollercoaster of emotions. it’s one of the best fanfics I’ve ever read.

honestly, it’s hard for me to express in fitting words how totally in love I am with this story, and it’s even harder for me to express how sad I am that I don’t have the opportunity to go back and reread it (I do understand the author’s reasons for making it private, but it still makes me upset).

as stupid as it sounds, this is probably one of those things you’ll have to experience to really understand… which is kind of easier said than done, considering that the story is currently unavailable. :/

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Anonymous asked: What are some really good wolfau fics? Any pairing is good.

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Anonymous asked: Do you know any twilight/vampire!aus? Preferably Sekai, if not, any pairing with Sehun =D

March 5, 2014   3 notes

here are some block b fic recs (my followers always provide \o/):


  1. I can’t personally say anything good or bad about this fic since I haven’t read it, but if you want to read it, here it is: "the boy king".
  2. yeah, that’s what I thought… oh well.
  3. I knew who you meant anyway. :b I haven’t read that particular au, but I know that writer and I know their fics are usually good. so here: "ocean’s au".
March 5, 2014   3 notes

Anonymous asked: What are some of the best block b fanfics you've ever read? Like ones with good plot, smut, and maybe romance/angst/feels

it may be strange, considering that block b is my third favorite group of all kpop groups, but I don’t really read block b fanfiction. the only ones I remember reading and really liking is this one (which is zico and kai, kind of an odd pairing, but it’s really good) and one where jaehyo’s mother gifted him a pearl necklace for him to give to his girlfriend and he used it to fuck zico with it instead (which I’ve been searching for for the past thirty minutes or so with no luck).

February 20, 2014   2 notes

Anonymous asked: I just read Starstruck (a XuiHan fic where Luhan is a celebrity and Xiumin is a fansite oppar. XD) and I was wondering if you have read/rec-ed anymore fics like that? Where EXO are fanboys? I really liked the concept of them being fanboys. :D

ugh, "starstruck" is so frickin good. I really like the concept of them being fanboys too. ;; the only other fic I can think about with that concept is "I’m a real big fan of yours", which is amazing as well (even though it’s too short, I want more ok ;;). there are probably more out there, but that’s the only one that comes to mind right now.